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Our Community

When we were kids, Whitley Bay was a thriving holiday destination.

Like many seaside towns, it fell out of favour when holiday makers discovered they could find sun and sand with affordable package holidays abroad. 

Well, things have gone full circle and Whitley Bay is once more on the map! Many of us are choosing to spend more time in the UK – even before the pandemic our visitor numbers were on the up.

Our region is undergoing a resurgence – millions of £s have been spent on regeneration of the Spanish City and promenade along the seafront. Independent shops are springing up and thriving, local artists are finding an outlet to showcase their talents, and new cafes, restaurants and coffee shops are bringing us a world of flavours.

Park View is one of the main streets in the town that has experienced the greatest rejuvenation – in 2018 it featured in The Guardian’s Top 10 Cool Shopping Districts of the World! Stay Coastal is committed to supporting and promoting our region and the wonderful local businesses who make it what it is.

Let’s celebrate Whitley Bay and everything it has to offer!